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Creating a timeline

You will find in the five attached pdf files the materials which you need to make a timeline wall-chart together with cards of events, people and dates associated with the history of Strata Florida, Wales and the United Kingdom which can be put on the timeline. You will also find a pdf version of a powerpoint presentation which introduces the idea of timeline and chronology to children, something which can also be usefully combined with the package called Timeline of the Recent Past.

It is recommended that these learning resources are laminated for repeat usage.

Timeline file. The timeline is arranged so that each century is marked up into decades (ten-year) intervals. If you print out each page you will find that you can stick together all (or as many as you like) of the pages to form a continuous timeline. Each page should be trimmed tight to the left-hand edge with scissors so that the beginning date of each century can overlap and be stuck together (as below).

timeline instructions
timeline instructions
Click for a larger image

Timeline cards pdf. Next, from this file, individual event and people cards can be made so that the child or student can stick or place them onto the timeline in the right positions. Each card has been given a web-page address so that more information on each event or person can be discovered by the child or student’s own research.

Date Cards (small) file and Date Cards (large) file. From these files individual date cards can be made and can be used to get children either to put them in date order or put them in the right place on the timeline. Print out the pages and cut up each date to make an individual card of it.

Word search pdf: this is a simple word search exercise to find words which have been used in the timeline material.

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