The Strata Florida Centre

From the very beginning of the Strata Florida Project it has been the intention to purchase, conserve, restore and develop the five listed buildings, together with their yards and gardens, which constitute the former farm complex of Mynachlog Fawr. The objective has been to create a Strata Florida Centre, sustainable for the longer term, which will provide accommodation for visitors, create exhibition and hospitality space and serve as a venue for activities related to the place's long history, some of which have already been happening.

Now that the Strata Florida Trust has acquired the buildings and some adjacent land, we shall spend the next few years bringing this vision into existence. There will be three main strands: the restoration and development work on the buildings required to conserve them as historic structures within a sensitive design fit to allow the whole to function as the Strata Florida Centre; a range of activities alongside this constructional work which will continue what has gone before and which will, in due course, become part of the on-going programmes within the completed Centre; and Phase 2 of the research programme which will also form part of what the Centre does with its partners.

To achieve the ambitious aims of the Trust we shall need to create a series of partnerships with regional and national organisations both in the public and private sectors. At the core will be a number of 'strategic' partnerships, representing the primary associates of the Trust on whose support and expertise we shall rely for our success both in the development stage and into the foreseeable future thereafter. Over the next few months we shall be bringing certain key negotiations to a resolution and making announcements about the identity of these strategic partners and how the associations will function.

We will in addition be seeking collaboration with other institutions, enterprises and individuals where mutual benefit can be identified in support or associative activities. At this stage we would be happy to hear from those who feel they might benefit from such an association. Please contact the Chairman, Professor David Austin.

View of Mynachlog Fawr house from the south from a cherrypicker, June 2008 (David Austin)

View of Mynachlog Fawr farm buildings from the east from a cherrypicker, June 2008 (David Austin)

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