Centre: Restoration and Development

Following the acquisition of the Mynachlog Fawr complex in July 2016, the Trust will carry out a programme of works to save and enhance the historic buildings and their surrounding spaces.

The first tasks will be those of making sure that there is no further decay of the fabric and this will involve a condition survey and immediate emergency works to make sure no more water gets in as well as support parts that might be in imminent danger of collapse.

While this is being done, the planning for the next phases will begin, although the Trust has done much thinking and planning in the years which have led up to the purchase. There are the clear elements of a business plan for the Centre's sustainable future, assessments have been made of the fabric and history of the structures, environmental and archaeological impacts have been addressed, and designs considered for the layout and use of the conserved buildings as well as consideration of any new buildings which will be erected. The design aim overall will be to retain as much of the historic fabric and its aesthetic as can be achieved and still permit modern use of the complex to achieve the aims of the Trust and let it survive as a on-going heritage asset for the Cambrian Mountain region and Wales as a whole.

As these plans emerge further information will be provided here to inform people interested in our progress and keep them in touch with how we are getting on.

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