Project outputs

There are a growing number of publications and other outputs from the Project and they are listed here. It has been an important part of the Project aims to communicate with the public as well as the formal academic audience. This has included a range of media and creative forms.

Academic publications

Austin, D. 2004, 'Strata Florida and its Landscape', Archaeologia Cambrensis, 153, pp. 192-201

Austin, D. 2007, 'A New Project at Strata Florida, Ceredigion, Wales', Monastic Research Bulletin, 13, 8-12

Austin, D. 2013 ‘The Archaeology of Monasteries in Wales and the Strata Florida Project’, in Burton, J & Stober, K. (eds) Monastic Wales, New Approaches, Cardiff: University of Wales Press,

Austin, D. 2013 ‘Mountain landscapes and the tradition of industry: the Cambrian Mountains of Central Wales’ MADE, Journal of the Welsh School of Architecture, 8, 6-15

Bezant, J. 2007 'Geophysical Survey at Strata Florida Abbey, Henfynachlog Farm and Troedyrhiw Upland Settlement, Ceredigion', Archaeology in Wales 47.

Bezant, J. 2009 Medieval Settlement and Territory: Archaeological Evidence from a Teifi Valley Landscape. British Archaeological Monographs British Series 487

Bezant, J. 2013 ‘The medieval grants to Strata Florida Abbey: mapping the agency of lordship’, in Burton, J & Stober, K. (eds) Monastic Wales, New Approaches, Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 73-88

Fleming, A. 2009. ‘The Making of a Medieval Road: The Monks’ Trod Routeway’ Landscapes. Volume 10 (1): 77—100

Fleming, A. and Barker, L., 2008 'Monks and local communities: the late-medieval landscape of Troed y Rhiw, Caron Uwch Clawdd, Ceredigion', Medieval Archaeology, 52, pp. 261-90

Popular publications

Austin, D. 2010, ‘A beacon for our times’. Article for the Institute of Welsh Affairs’ journal, Agenda, Winter 2010, pp.20-21 together with other contributors looking at the Cambrian Mountains and its economic regeneration with Strata Florida identified as a potential hub.

Austin, D. 2012, Welsh History Month: Strata Florida abbey Western Mail, Mar 26 2012.

Austin, D. 2012, ‘An aura of hiraeth – Strata Florida’, pp. 51-58 in Bowen, H. Buildings and Places in Welsh History, Gomer Press.

Austin, D. 2013, Presentational DVD for the regional tourism industry, prepared as part of the RDP project.

Appearance in other media

The media, both local and national have at all times been interested in projecting the results of our work – these give a flavour of the attention:

Strata Florida: a Medieval Powerhouse. BBC Wales, 2007. A 15-minute programme with David Austin introducing the research programme. Available from the project as part of a presentational DVD.

Digging For Britain: The Tudors. BBC Two (Series 1), 10th Sept 2012 . Prof David Austin, Dr Jemma Bezant and Quentin Drew interviewed by Dr Alice Roberts on the site of the late medieval monastic gatehouse. Talking about Dissolution and transition of monastic to early gentry estates. Also available via BBC DVD. Look here also.

Hidden Histories, Episode Five: Strata Florida, BBC Wales Series Two, 2010. Prof (now emeritus) Andrew Fleming and Louise Barker RCAHMW reveal the results of their work on a remarkably well preserved monastic landscape in mid Wales, undertaken as part of the Strata Florida Project. They discuss the lasting legacy of the Cistercians monks in Wales and evidence for what medieval life was like outside the Abbey cloister.

The Story of Wales: Power Struggles. BBC Wales, 2012. Prof Janet Burton interviewed by Huw Edwards at Strata Florida about the history of the Cistercians in Wales and their place in European history. Available as DVD by the Open University. Look here also.

Wales Today Summer Roadshow, BBC 1 Wales simultaneously broadcast with BBC Radio Wales, 30 July 2008. Jamie Owen interviewed David Austin and Jemma Bezant live on site. News and current affairs, magazine programme with Jamie Owen and Lucy Owen, and weather from Derek Brockway joining with the Archaeology Roadshow tours of the excavations and displays of the finds as well as mock-ups and demonstrations of the survey work. At the same time, there was a public engagement event with on-site displays by Cadw, RCAHMW, Dyfed Archaeological Trust.

Radio Cymru interviews (in Welsh) in 2007 and 2008 during the excavation season in those years

Regular articles in the local press (Cambrian News and Carmarthen Journal) and slots on local radio (Radio Ceredigion)

Lost medieval church found, BBC Wales News, 8th May 2009 community survey and teaching programme led by Jemma Bezant as part of Landscape Project which identified a medieval grange centre at Swyddffynnon and located the lost site of a 12th century, Capel Y Groes. The site has subsequently been excavated with Dyfed Archaeological Trust as part of a collaborative community programme funded by Cadw. Look here also.

Events and creative output

A number of events have been held at Strata Florida over the lifetime of the project. These include Open Days which have brought the public to the excavations every season we have been on site. Some of these have been quite large two-day events involving partners and others. Other events have been organised by the project itself and by Cadw to which project members have contributed.

A number of collaborative arts projects have also happened and these we regard as a key way for disseminating the project’s research and encouraging public engagement.

This began notably with a major European Community, InterReg-funded programme funding two major exhibitions in 2005 and 2006, drawing each year 12 international artists from Ireland and Wales to exhibit at Strata Florida and Kells Abbey, the latter as part of the Kilkenny Arts Festival in Ireland.

This connection with sculpture has continued in meetings with Sculpture Cymru a group of Welsh artists, and during the second Wales National Dig in July 2012, they designed a series of on-site installations in and around the abbey site. One of these, ‘the Pilgrim’ by Glenn Morris, a figure placed high on the sky-line above the Abbey has become already a striking element of the historic landscape.

The literary and linguistic heritage of the site has also been the subject of events particularly in partnership with researchers from the Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies. For example in 2012, performers and storytellers from Creu Ad held an innovative and popular ‘storywalk’ using the graveyard and woodlands as a setting for myth and song as well as presenting Culhwch ac Olwen from the Mabinogion in a performance held in the parish church.

In 2013, the Senior Development Officer of the RDP programme, Martin Locock, edited and published a collection of poetry from the 14th century to the present day, based on Strata Florida.

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